Nicholas Porillo

Software Engineer at Bandwidth, inc.

Rochester Institute of Technology 2019

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Minor in Mathematics.


Programming became a interest in high school when I was administering a Minecraft multiplayer server. Modifying game behavior programmatically quickly became my favorite hobby and soon my passion.


Throughout my undergraduate education and intership experience, I've had the oppourtunity to learn many tools, languages, and paradigms. While most proficient in Java, I've also built practical solutions using Python, C, and SQL.


Being an domain expert is one of my core values. From course projects to personal projects, I've focused on leveraging the cutting edge to build innovative features and accumulate valuable knowledge for future endeavors.


Over one year of internship experience at Thomson Reuters building and testing features for the Public Records Processing Pipeline. Currently at Bandwidth building distributed Java Web Services deployed to a cloud environment.


Data Science, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, Telecommunications, Web Services.

Spring, Apache Ignite, Redis, Tensorflow, Pandas/Numpy, TestNG, JUnit.

Maven, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Openshift, AWS.

Selected Personal Project Portfolio

See all my public repositories on Github.


Efficiently manage entities for Spigot servers with extensive configuration.


Lightweight chat formatting with a user friendly configuration.


Informative stamps on all enchanted items for Bukkit servers.


Advanced in-game automatic armor color palette shifting.